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Nissan Cushion Tire Forklift

Nissan Cushion Tire Forklift

There are 7 different classes of lift trucks as determined by the ITA or Industrial Truck Association. These classifications are broken down by the type of work setting; outdoors, indoors, rough or smooth surfaces and narrow aisle; whether the operator is sitting down or standing; by the kind of engine; and finally the machine characteristics, regarding the maximum grade and tire type. Several of the categories are further sub-divided by operating characteristics. Below are the following classes of lift trucks:

Category 1 Forklifts: these machinery include electric motor trucks that use either pneumatic or air filled tires or cushion tires. The Class 1 forklifts also consist of 4 lift codes, or subcategories that are:

Lift Code 1: Stand-up, counterbalanced rider model.
Lift Code 4: Sit down, 3-Wheel electric.
Lift Code 5: Cushion Tire sit down, counterbalanced rider
Lift Code 6: Includes pneumatic tire models, counterbalanced rider, and sit-down rider.

Category 2 Forklifts: Class 2 lift trucks narrow aisle trucks with solid tires and electric motors.
Class 3 Forklifts: The class 3 lift truck will comprise all hand/rider trucks electric and fuel based with solid tires.
Category 4 Forklifts: Class 4 forklifts are the IC or internal combustion units. These are sit down rider units with cushion tires. Usually, they are great for applications on hard surfaces and indoor application.
Class 5 Forklifts: Class 5 is Internal Combustion Engine sit down rider units outfitted with pneumatic tires. Typically, these units are ideal for working areas with significant inclines or on rough surfaces outside.
Class 6 Forklifts: Class 6 lift trucks would consist of internal combustion powered or electric units. These ride-on units could tow at least 1000 lbs. This class is engineered and designed to tow loads as opposed to lift it.
Class 7 Forklifts: This class is defined as rough terrain trucks with pneumatic tires. The Class 7 forklifts are almost exclusively utilized outdoors and powered by diesel engines.

The various classes of lift trucks help to keep them separated and organized. Various types of working environments rely on different classes in order to get their work done. Forklifts are quite particular in their loading and lifting capacities. Their different types of engines and tires are made for specific applications. In order to select the best forklift to meet your needs and to fulfill your jobs, do some research to determine exactly what you will need from your specific unit. By talking to several trustworthy dealers and taking time to investigate your choices, you could pick the right machinery.

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